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DECHEMA is the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society we represent these fields in science, industry, politics and the general public. DECHEMA promotes scientific and technical exchange among experts from different disciplines, organisations and generations. We consolidate the know-how of over 5,800 individual and sustaining members.

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BBI launches €100 million Call for Proposal on Flagships

BBI launches €100 million Call for Proposal on Flagships

This Call is dedicated to Innovation Actions ("Flagships") and focuses on lignocellulosic feedstock (BBI Value Chain 1), valorisation of cellulose (BBI Value Chain 2) and innovative processes for sugar recovery and conversion from Municipal Solid Waste (BBI Value Chain 4). mehr...

ACHEMA Start-Up Award

The ACHEMA Start-Up Award will be presented for the first time at the opening session of ACHEMA 2015.

Research Promotion

DECHEMA supports you in the acquisition of research funding and the coordination of your research projects.

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