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2015-05-11 - 2015-05-13

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2015-05-14 - 2015-05-16

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ACHEMA Gründerpreis

Detherm ...on the web

DETHERM ... on the WEB allows comfortable access to the whole DETHERM database from your webbrowser. No registration is needed to search the database. Use the free search service to quickly check if DETHERM contains data for your system.

The download of data sets is on a pay-per-view basis. DETHERM ... on the WEB also offers the ability to export data sets in IKC-format ready to be imported in process simulation software (i.e.. ASPEN PLUS™). It also can be accessed directly from AspenPlus™.


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The Features

  • Direct connection to DECHEMA's database server using Internet access and a web browser.
  • Pure substances can be identifed by  name, synonym, sum formula or CAS-No.. Usage of wildcards is possible.
  • Searching for properties of partially defined mixture (e.g. acetone/*).
  • Searches for all or specified properties of a defined substance/ mixture (e.g. vapor-liquid-equilibrium data).
  • Restriciting searches to specified temperature and pressure ranges.
  • Search results sorted by year, property, temperature or pressure. 
  • The following search results are displayed free of charge (see picture above):
    • A description of the matching data sets and the number of data lines in the table.
    • The costs of the table in case of download and some details on the related mixture or pure substance.
    • The publication year of the literature reference
    • The respective temperature and pressure ranges.
  • A data report can be displayed and  download in HTML/PDF or IK-CAPE PPDX format  for further processing (e.g. in ASPEN PLUS).
  • Private information is encrypted and optionally searches may also be carried out over https.

The Costs

Free of charge are

  • Usage of DETHERM ... on the WEB
  • Searching the database and displaying the short information on available data sets (description of data set, publication year of literature reference, temperature and pressure ranges)
  • Registration and account maintenance

For charge available are

  • The data itself, the complete substance identification (systematical name, sum formula and CAS-No.) and the literature referenc. The data sets are priced  depending on the size of the table (no. of lines).

No. of lines
 Euro €

2 - 5
6 - 19
20 - 39
40 +

This is a pure pay-per-view service with no hidden costs. Register now so you  can access data sets at any moment.

Methods of payment

Quarterly we will send you an invoice over the total amount of all downloads. Method of payments are bank transfer or credit card.

Registration & Customer agreement

To download data sets from DETHERM a user account is required. After filling out the registration form online,  you will be asked to print, sign and fax us a customer agreement and order form. The account will be activated upon reception of this document (during business hours, CET) and you will be notified by email.


Do not hesitate to contact us:

  • via E-Mail
  • on phone using: ++49/69/7564-229